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Hiarc HSM


As one of the first of today's increasingly popular hierarchical storage management products, Hiarc HSM has perfected the solution to making the management of data affordable, easy and accommodating to your needs. everStor's Hiarc HSM is a software tool that frees up disk space by automating the storage management of information through a multi-tiered system. Our HSM optimizes computer performance by reducing the amount of data on a disk and storing infrequently used information on lower-cost media — automatically, without any manual intervention. At the same time, everStor's HSM makes stored data easily accessible to administrators and clients: It shows on user's computers as disks that appear to have infinite storage capabilities.

The longevity of Hiarc HSM has allowed the everStor management team to refine its features to meet the requirements of a diverse customer base. Whether your company is large or small, Hiarc HSM provides for a scalable architecture, making it an effective data management solution for single or multi drive network configurations. It supports both Sun's native Solaris file system as well as NFS file structures. And because Hiarc HSM is transparent to all users, stored data becomes easily accessible across the enterprise to heterogeneous clients and applications. The process of storing and retrieving data from tape or optical libraries is identical to storing and retrieving data from magnetic disk. Hiarc HSM proves that one of the industry's first HSM tools is still one of the best.

Why Use Hiarc HSM?

Every growing business will eventually face the problem of how to manage data without managing to break the bank. As the size and number of files becomes increasingly large, network administrators must constantly address the issues of slowing computer performance and shrinking disk. Those hours of labor can become expensive and burdensome, especially for smaller companies with fewer staff members and strict budgets. Hiarc HSM is not just a great way for storing lots of data cheaply (on a cost per MB basis, when compared to the cost of purchasing hard disk drives); its real value is in its ability to reduce the storage administration costs associated with larger storage requirements.

Hiarc HSM software is ideal for automating a number of mundane tasks that are required in managing today's networks. Tasks such as archiving, disk grooming and managing users' accounts become a snap. Problems such as troubleshooting storage and monitoring storage integrity on the server become easy when Hiarc HSM is implemented. And, Hiarc HSM technology can help you on your back-ups and restores in a number of ways: It appears as a disk that never fills up and keeps track of every piece of data that it ever sees, so a network administrator can get creative in determining how HSM can solve some problems.

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